Sunday, May 20, 2007

Maine Blog Kiya


Maine Blog Kiya


Ok guys… I think its enough for the build-up. I really didn’t have anything much to put up, so I thought of making my blog on the lines of a clichéd Bollywood cinema (you’ll get to know from the references put up at the end)

So it all started with our protagonist Desba (yep, that’s me) packing his bags in the last minute, hurrying in great tensions, getting stuff in the car and starting off with his family, fighting all traffic and making it to the airport just in time. There was not much time left for the flight (In fact I had 4 hours to kill... but then still I thought there were infinite formalities to be cleared that 4 hours wouldn’t be enough).

So here comes the expected sentiment… the scene of the airport farewell. Well, my friends, who were gonna miss me for 3 whole months (how unbearable it is… being separated from a pal for such a long time… esp. by the Indian movie standards, you know!!). So here are the snaps that made things interesting.

Baju, Nama, Me, Vignesh, Arun, Bulby (aziz ain’t in this pic)

Well, actually these guys just wanted to have some fun at the airport, and wanted to dance around me with lungis with some country gana song (a Tamil song with only some local percussion instruments, usually of the style which is played during a death ceremony) playing from a mobile. But unfortunately since they didn’t get Lungis, they got a couple of Dhotis to put on… and the rest you can pretty much guess. They couldn’t dance around me because there was a dividing barrier between us, and I couldn’t come out since I had checked in my bags.

Ok, then after entering my flight, the Emirates flight to London via Dubai, I crashed pretty much most of the time since I had to put a night out for a 4am flight. But since the airhostesses were more beautiful than any that most of us have seen only in movies, everyone kept ogling at them before finally crashing. I will fill up the blog space with good pics on my return flight guys… just wait till then.

Dubai was quite nice, for a change of sights and scenes, but then there was nothing much to do, so just roamed around a bit and then had a coffee. But it looked lovely, and is quite huge.

Dubai International Airport

But even though Emirates is quite far better than most of the international airlines, I didn’t have any good memory of my flight because most of the time I was just sleeping or had my ass numb because I was in the same position. Sitting still inside a plane is the last thing to do, and god save the people travelling from India to US. Its like a 10 hour continuous ride in Thiruvalluvar Bus Transport Corporation some 5 years back (now it has improved considerably).

Ok... Now moving over to London. After arriving to Heathrow airport, which I didn’t feel like exploring and taking pics, I just headed straight to my hostel where I booked my stay, and it was a chilly day with good amount of rain.

The Regina House, which is just 10 minutes from the Imperial College campus.

A nice view from the rooftop of the connecting streets

My Room (A Part view)

Since this is a four storey apartment, I was given a room in the fifth floor. I wondered how that was possible and soon did I discover that my room was an attic converted to a double room shared with a French guy named Alex. Don’t worry… he ain’t kissing the screen… To remind you that this is a Family Blog!!

Alex, my roommate

Well... this dude is quite indifferent, and it takes a big initiative on my side each time to have a conversation with him, but he has acknowledged my presence (existence being the better word) in our room by putting up my pic in his blog:

I had some good time roaming in some parts of central London, Picadilly Circus, Natural History Museum (don’t curse me for mentioning this guys… this is a family blog), so here are a few pics.

Some famous central London crossing, near Piccadilly Circus

The Big Eye of London

The Natural History Museum Planetary section

The Natural History Museum, with a Dinosaur Bone Assemble

I am gonna put censored version of all that I have seen till now. Kinda summary of my experience on the street-sights. London is filled with these at any given point of time & space:

Function_Chicks(London, t, x, y) > 0

Ok, now I don’t have more stuff to put. And so ends the first part of the trilogy.




But the trilogy is going to be completed with ultra masala coming up. I do have quite some stuff to put but then decided to implement it phase by phase, as a proper trilogy. Only the first part is the family blog which is quite boring except for the grand hype.

References to Bollywood culture: I didn’t take many of the pics which have been put up in this post, but copied them from many websites, since my camera ran out of memory. This is analogous to Bollywood culture of copying many other movies because they run out of ideas.

The Indian sentiment of farewell is a quintessential factor during any scene of Airport and Train station.

This blog aint that great in stuff… but I have managed to create some hype. Just like many of the Bollywood movies where they have lots of hype and no damn thing which is worth the money… especially Sooraj Barjatya’s movies. And since his movies are family movies, like Maine Pyar Kiya to which the title of this post refers to, this is an analogous family blog.

I made up this blog within 5 min because so many friends of mine were asking me to put up a blog, analogous to even great directors and stars (yep… analogous to me!!) making up a movie due to popular demand.