Thursday, July 12, 2007

LONDON TRILOGY Part II: Maine Blog Kyun Kiya??


Maine Blog Kyun Kiya??


Yeah… WTF this blog?? Because its time to come out with the second part of the trilogy, but this time I do have some stuff to tell. But young kids beware; this is strictly 18+.

To start with, I changed my room from the old attic to a dormitory downstairs at the second floor. It has been a welcome change, esp. because:

  1. The room is cheaper by 20 pounds a week
  2. I am away from that indifferent French dude, and so more the reason…
  3. Its less tiring to walk the stairs to the second floor, as compared to the 5th floor… but that was my daily exercise, since I have been getting fatter eating all…. Hmmm, how do I put it….edible food items prepared from creatures living on land, air and water.

(Pic of the room... to be uploaded)

This room has an Indian, an Italian and a Brit dude apart from me. For the first week, no one knew who was the new guy into the room, coz I woke up before them and slept off under the quilt before they entered the room late into the night. One weekend, I was fast asleep when this Brit guy comes drunk late at night, and his grand entry into the room wakes me up. I was half asleep, wishing he would go to sleep, but this dude instead starts singing!! Not only he sings but extends his song by making up his own lines as he sang, stretching the song far too long. At the end of the song I was fully awake, and then he starts with his second song. At the end of this song, I just decided to get up and bash him up… but then he stops singing and starts his speech about how lonely he is and he s been working for 30 days continuously without a break, and how the people in this room are so kind and blah blah… I just fell asleep at the end of it.

Hmm… London is a land of post offices, bus stops( there is one every 10m, as compared to India where it is one every 200m. And if ya take the bus here, its too goddamn slow… because the moment you start from the stop, comes a signal after 10m, and after crossing the signal come the next bus stop!!! People have discovered that walking is good for health), telephone booths etc. Comin to the telephone booths… Hmmm, one of the shady things about London… The pic says it all:

(Pic of the telephone booth)

This is the most decent pic that I could manage, but for the larger picture see this.

Life is like a burning cigarette… you try suckin it out to the fullest, it gets over much sooner that you expect.

Ok, so I have some quite interesting experiences to quote in this post. First, I was asked to teach an undergrad coz there was the final exam of the year and was pretty tough to get through. These guys in London have exams once in a yr. unlike in a semester system in India. Anyways, it was a second yr. undergrad and she reqd. the assistance in math. Well, this is the first time I had to put so much fundae to anyone to make them understand simple things. She wasn’t dumb, but rather I am referring to the way math was taught. It was on vectors, sequences and series and all the math that engg. students take in their first two years. Damn… I had to use mountains and planets and sun and whatever stuff to explain vectors and gradients. And at the end of my lecture all she says is… ‘I really got confused by the vector and scalar fields’, moving her hands in a wavy pattern of some magic wand to show what she thought of as vector and scalar fields. At that point of time, I just wanted to burst out laughing, but just had to hold it back since I was in the central library. She had got all previous year question papers and their answers, and wanted me to explain them all. Hmm… I never think before explaining things to anyone, but that was the first time I was at a loss for a proper explanation of any answer and had to think how to present the information that I intended to convey to her.

Her pic:

Just kidding… got the pic from the net. I went to the Hyde park one weekend back. Its just 10 min walk from my place, and is the largest park inside London, and is so damn beautiful… animals, lake, swans, pigeons, ducks, flowers, trees, bushes, water channels: just the place for a complete weekend retreat.

There was this old guy struggling to raise a kite high up, with his 2 granddaughters. So I thought it was the best thing to do for my joblessness. I had the opportunity of flying a kite which I didn’t even look forward to in India. I just took it up high in the air when these guys bid adieu and took away the kite.

This weekend, I went to Eastham in London. Now this is a place dominated by tamil junta. The streets are filled with hotels like saravana bhavan, some jewellers, CD shops etc. I went and ate at this place called Chennai Dosa, where everything from the tables and ambience to the menu card resembled Indian hotels. Quite nice and cheap food.

I feel extremely bored having completed 2 months of my intern. The work is getting to be routine and there is nothing much to do otherwise. I am planning a trip to Scotland and Wales, but that’s the next week. Till then its just same old boring work (Hope my prof doesn’t read this). But sometimes work is as tough or boring as it gets. Its like our duty to do it once committed to it. This sounds like an advice from old wise guy, but I am gonna narrate a nice story that illustrates this moral. (well, my prof would like this part if he read it…)

At the end of my 9th std. in school, I was pretty jobless in the summer and was desperate to try out something new. Well, after getting inspiration from loads of American movies where the kids do some summer job like paper-delivery, cashiers in shops etc, I decided to do something similar. And there is this local tabloid which is free and is circulated within 2 km radius from where I lived. Now these guys wanted some paperboys to deliver the tabloids to all the houses. Earlier, they used ask the newspaper agencies which circulated national newspaper like The Hindu, and include their tabloid for circulation along with it. But now, they thought of hiring some direct guys to deliver it to each and every house. There were 500 tabloids and I get paid 100 bucks once I deliver all of them. Since it was actually a lot, I decided to go 50-50 partnership with my friend Venkatesh (Hmm… I make it sound as if we were on a great business venture).

We took 250 newspapers each, and started at morning 4 am. Never before did I jump out the bed at 4 am without an alarm or my mom waking me up. I was pretty excited about it. So we had a cycle each with 250 newspapers on the carrier. We were asked to deliver one to each house. Now come the interesting part. This damn tabloid is made of light weight cheap paper and has only 4 sheets that it just flies off with the breeze if left in the open. So we had to roll each one of them and couldn’t throw it in front of the house, which would have been much more convenient, but put it in the grill of the gate of each house and fix it tight. And another thing is that my area is more of apartments, and less of independent houses. So delivering to a flat would mean parking your cycle, going to each and every house inside it and slipping the paper inside it. But this we realized only after the whole ‘operation’ ended. No one told us what their expectation of delivering newspapers to each house was. You will understand this as you keep reading.

When we started delivering the tabloids, we went to each house in the flat and slipped the papers beneath the doors. We kept doing this until we realized that we just finished 20 odd papers each and some forty minutes had passed quickly. So we decided not to waste too much time and energy and instead take a shortcut. We now took the number of tabloids equal to the no. of houses in a flat, some 8-10, then roll all of them as a single entity and then fix this on the entrance gate of the apartment. And after a few hours, we still had a lot of papers to finish. We were so tired that we started doing some crazy stuff, putting papers in some nearby school, fixing more number of papers on the gate of every house than was required, distributing papers to people who were taking a morning walk and so on.

When I finally got to my house, I ate breakfast and slept for 4 hours straight. And both of us then went to our employer, and he was furious at us that we were fixing all the papers at the grill of the entrance gates and that he did a round on his scooter at 8 am and found the job we did to be a complete patchwork!!! He paid us 50 bucks each and fired us immediately.

So the moral of the story is: do your work properly and meticulously without having second thoughts on taking shortcuts(Yawn…). And let me make this the answer for this blog: Maine blog kyun kiya?

Ok, the final part of the trilogy will release shortly, and it will be a nice travel blog with nice pics from Scotland, Wales and London.


Shankar said...

put the real pic of the math challeged girl :)
nice post btw

Ashish said...

Nice nice nice post... good fun reading it... and yeah, put the real pic of the math challenged girl :)

Vishwanath said...

Dei worusht fellows.. she isnt a math challenged girl!!!

She didnt understand that stuff.. thats all

themiddler said...

Ah London phone booths... seems like a nice place. Somehow I find it hard to believe that your interest in these places were purely academic ;)
Jamaai raja jamaai!

srinath-depressed dummy said...

as a math grad..its my duty to make maths a universal subject understood easily by all the beautiful girls in this world...
please direct her to me.. so tht i can clear her doubts and make her positivevly inclined towards me... err no no towards maths.. i swear..i said maths kidding...
good travalogue...