Sunday, November 11, 2007


Now that Diwali just got over, I really want to talk about Deeppavali. No, its not the festival but the tamil movie of the same title. I really don’t know much about the new directors, but they seem desperate to impress the audience with extremely bright and shining ideas. And how! This film is a personal favorite of mine, because of several factors. I really don’t want to give a review of the movie through this post, but rather want to show the world how interesting a tamil movie (I am not generalizing an Indian movie, but laying more emphasis on a tamil movie) can get in the midst of all stereotyped settings, songs, characters, fights etc. I am going to build this up to the climax, because the beauty of the climax gives purpose and meaning to everything else in the movie. So lets get started:


Now, the title has no connection with the movie. It most likely signifies that the movie is an out and out celebration of the director’s creativity. Anyways, our Jayam Ravi is Billoo in the movie, the son of a very respected trader(apparently, that’s the closest I can guess) whom everyone treats like a leader in Royapuram. (Everyone= a whole area of more than 10,000!! near Chennai port).

This dude is an idle guy, but not apparently idle since he is always busy fighting the villain, solving the problems in town and later romancing the heroine. Then comes Bhavana, who is Susi (well, in the whole movie, the number of times Billoo speaks “Susi” >> Avagadro’s Number).

She arrives… romance, fight, song, sentiment and lots of celebration across the town…all is fine.

Hero thulps the bad guys off for the heroine:

Of course, since Billoo is some ultra celebrity in town, they give some mega build up for him too. Check this vid out:

Now, she reveals to him that her father is some big rowdy in Bangalore. She had some terrible accident where she forgot all that happened in the last 3 years. But now, if she takes the treatment, she will remember everything but forget what happened in the last 3 months and even Billoo. But our hero is prepared to take a big chance and asks her to go ahead with her treatment. So here is the sentiment pic where she cries saying that she’ll forget everything and that he has to put all effort to convince her even if she forgets him:


Wow… what a cinematic logic!!! Our hero is so overconfident that he doesn’t even take a picture of them together. He convinces her father for a marriage, but then the father pulls his leg and then worlds collide… Billoo ends in a hospital, which is basically shown in the start of the movie. Rest is all flashback. Now, he decides to go to Bangalore and stop her marriage with some ulloo IT professional with whom she has been engaged. She has forgotten all her past. Hmm…. things start to happen so fast that you really love it.

Our hero faces problems from her dad’s minions while trying to meet her at Bangalore but brushes them off his shoulder peacefully. Now that’s called an asli hero. However, she also keeps shooing him away, because he keeps bugging her asking her to remember old stuff. On the date of the wedding, our hero interferes in the marriage, kicks everyone’s ass, slaps the heroine unconscious and brings her back to Chennai on a tempo.

Hero kicking ass at Susi's wedding:

Now comes the ending. The climax is the best part of the movie… brilliant tension, aggravating music, huge crowd of people, punch-sentiment power combo dialogues, indecisive heroine… that’s what I call an interesting climax. Billoo brings Susi to Chennai and tries various techniques to make her remember the past, but she doesnt. At the same time Susi's father comes to their place to get his daughter back with the backing of police. See the videos to find out what happens next.

Whoa!!! I really didn’t know whether to laugh at the movie, or give it a standing ovation, for such a twist in the end was just too much. See the whole movie for greater fun. In any case, it shall remain one of my personal favorites forever.


Mahesh.R said...

Oh my GOD!!
What a crack!!
I mean what a "twist" in the end...

There were couple of mind boggling things though... how is it that so many people care about what happens to him! he must really be "some" guy!

Vishwanath said...

Well, he is some big shot in the town... So he really is some tough dude

Anirudh said...