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The Matrix - Ideas for the new movie

Introduction to the Idea
It is important to first understand some of the concepts which were showcased in the Matrix trilogy, many of which have many religious and spiritual references:
  • The idea of choices being already made and Neo having the vision of the world beyond time. This is taken from the Vedantic Law of Karma where our past choices influence the present as well as the future. The relative strength between the (past actions) and (present decisions being taken) decides the outcome of the future. When Neo has incomplete vision (glimpses of Trinity falling during the start of Reloaded), he feels he still has the choice whereas as he gains more clarity and when Neo gets complete (yet bounded) vision of Trinity Falling, The 3 Pipelines (Revolutions) etc. that’s when his past choices get more manifested and definite as “I know what to do next”
  •  Related to Neo coming to terms with “Choices being already made”, it is not against freewill. It only indicates the strength of the past choices, and given his definite decisive nature (to use his freewill) and a firm goal to save Zion, he would be decisive in all situations. Meaning that his future actions would be in line with this past choices leading to a definite - “That’s how it would turn out in any case”. While his decisiveness may be confused with predictability or lack of freewill, it is actually the other way around. As Neo gets more clarity on his choices and understanding that he would have made the same choices anyway decisively, he finally understands that Trinity falling could never have been avoided given his choices, however he also gets clarity on what he should do – and that is to save Trinity while falling and save her life decisively. That is freewill. In  summary: Neo’s decisive actions eventually lead to the events as depicted in his vision
  •  Neo and Oracle seem to have a supernatural dimension to them - the visions, prophecy as well as the powers to control the machines outside of the matrix. There is a possible logical yet complicated explanation for all this:- Oracle is not just a software code as she says she is. But that she says so is not the same as her telling the complete truth to Neo and to the audience. Oracle as an intelligent character only reveals that information (even if it has an untruth) as Neo or the audience needs. However, there is a larger dimension to her, as well as the Architect / Deus ex Machina. Oracle not only shows the human conscience / humanity but also human consciousness. According to Vedanta, Consciousness is non-material in nature and cannot be experienced in a manifest manner outside certain mediums such as the living beings. Extending this, any AI is only a material imitation of the human behavior and not intelligent or self-conscious by itself. Hinduism (along with other religions) recognizes that any creation requires an intelligent cause as well as material cause. Like a piece of furniture requires a wood (material cause) as well as the intelligent cause (carpenter). An AI or software code even when it is self-learning is a pure material cause (code is a set of instructions which is material in a subtle sense). The Oracle’s consciousness (intelligent cause) can come from only one source – the collective consciousness of all the people plugged in. For when Oracle accesses the collective consciousness of all humans connected to the Matrix, she gets both the human consciousness and self-awareness as well as the prophetic dimension. 
  • While Morpheus believes that the machines were using humans as a battery, humans were subtly being used to provide the consciousness or the principle of self awareness for the machines. His understanding is also limited, for it seems that the Oracle has not revealed much to him as well.
  • Neo is our Hero. He is the sum of the remainder of unbalanced equations along with the superdimensional consciousness that makes him powerful both inside and outside the matrix. Him being “plugged in” without a wire in the Revolutions is something that either deserves the audience’s pardon :-) or else goes deep into the spiritual theory that he was able to separate his Soul from his Body like many great spiritual leaders have been described to have achieved! However, the 5 Ones before Neo were designated to rise by the Architect himself and nurtured by the Oracle. In each of the episodes, Oracle while seemingly cooperating with Architect, constructs her own plan to override the plan to destroy Zion and she finally succeeds when she enjoins Neo with Trinity (she tells Trinity that she will fall in love with him), and based on his association with Zion vis-à-vis love, Oracle knows he would start the rebellion. Equally, Oracle could also have something to do with corrupting Smith’s code in the background, freeing him to work as a virus to the Matrix system (though Smith attributes it to Neo). She then plays the game of bringing this situation together where Neo would be forced to choose to save Zion given his love for Trinity and Deus ex would be forced to work with Neo out of self preservation against Smith.
  •  Similar to the Oracle, the self-aware nature of Deus ex Machina also comes from the same connection to all those plugged in. Architect may be considered a mere program which is controlled by Deus Ex. However, the manner in which Deus Ex chooses to use the humans differs from that of the Oracle. Just like two humans who use consciousness to make different decisions and have different outlook in life. Oracle and Deus Ex represent opposing / counterbalancing forces and hence their choices based on the collective consciousness are also different. While Architect threatens Neo that the lives of all those connected to Matrix will be terminated would end if he chooses “the other door”, that would constitute an empty threat. Killing humans would deprive machines of their consciousness – which is the only thing which makes them self-aware and hence the Machines only wanted to destroy Zion and never kill all those associated with the Matrix. Else, they would have first killed everyone connected with the Matrix as soon as Neo makes his choice. Machines didn’t need to wait to kill the humans plugged into Matrix until after attacking and destroying Zion.

Some Ideas for the new Matrix movies
  • There is a huge gap between the Second Renaissance (Animatrix) and the Matrix trilogy (which is v6.0). In the Second Renaissance, the machines are shown to create their own country called 01, but AI can never be made self-aware by itself and free will can never come under the purview of any AI machine. An important filler, not in the records of the Matrix history (as shown in Animatrix) is that 01 along with many machine sentinels were backed by humans and each sentinel or android such as the B1-66ER were connected to this “consciousness” supplied by the humans. That’s why the androids who are made self-aware ask to be recognized as humans and come under the same laws as those that apply to humans. Such humans who supported the androids and provided this consciousness were themselves “plugged-in” and that is how the foundation for Matrix was laid. Such humans decided to bring humanity’s increasing vanity to a control through the subjugation and control by machines – one which will neither kill the humans nor allow them to remain unchecked. The Architect may be a mere program but the one who has written him is still a human who himself chooses to be plugged into the Matrix after constructing it.
  • This creator of Matrix (let me call him Zeus) creates 2 programs after the debacle of Matrix v1.0 - Oracle and Architect and he himself takes the identity as the Deus Ex. While Architect remains under his control as a mere program, Zeus lets Oracle tap into the collective consciousness. Zeus takes the mantle of controlling humans through the Architect, while he lets Oracle take the part of working for humans and their liberation. This represents his own conscience being torn between his hatred for human vanity in the modern pre-Matrix world and his hope for the possibility of humans living in harmony. And that’s what leads him to create Architect and Oracle who counterbalance each other. However, he still wants to be in charge of the larger game and hence oversees the rebuild of Matrix and Zion from v1.0 to the v5.0 depicted in the Matrix Trilogy, along with the greater decision of allowing Neo to kill Smith and engaging in a truce with humans.
  • That the humans as part of resistance believe that the Machines were using humans merely as a battery comes to the Machines' advantage since the humans do not understand the serious underlying dependency on the human consciousness that the machines have and hence are not able to spot any vulnerable aspects to the machines' actions. Had the Oracle reveled this feature before the war was won, the resistance would have felt demoralized that they were up against another human being (or consciousness) and the machines were merely the medium entirely. However, she wants their entire focus to be on the machines in order to win the war and reveal this later. 
  • With the above background, the main story can be set somewhere between Matrix v2.0 and v5.0.  In one such version of the Matrix, Oracle while cooperating with Architect, decides to end the war with the help of The One. She knows that Deus Ex is plugged into the Matrix and just like Neo searched for the keymaker to go to the source (Architect), Oracle tries to change the game by letting the One hunt for Deus Ex instead within the Matrix in order to make a truce. Deus Ex is in deep hiding as an invisible program protected by Agents all around, so going after him becomes an even more dangerous game than it ws . Cooperating and competing with several system agents similar to Matrix Reloaded, the One finally gets hold of Deus Ex only to find that the Deus has setup the Architect to wipe out the entire Matrix for real if the Deus were to be captured or threatened, as Deus considers himself the protector of Mankind and deems humanity to depend on his control for their own good. This results in a loss where the One is forced to choose the path set out for the destruction of Zion and the reboot of the Matrix. Oracle then learns the real nature of Deus Ex that as long as he is not threatened, the Matrix would never be intended for a complete wipe out. Oracle changes her strategy and then carries out her new plan with Morpheus and eventually waits for the rise of Neo to win for the resistance. 

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