Thursday, September 18, 2008

The Dream

This post is a tribute to Captain Vijayakanth and his movies showing the war on terror. Well, he is one man who has tried his best to make people aware of the terrorist activities of the Pakistani militants through his varied and theme based movies. However peaceful the times were, his constant motivation to emphasize the importance of war on terror in his movies has puzzled many experts because of the amount of flop movies he churned out eventually. Of course, after the connection to SIMI and Pakistan which everyone sees in all the bomb blasts in various cities of India, even U.S. acknowledges Pakistan as the breeding ground for various organizations openly. We all now understand that our Captain was much ahead of his times, and the govt. got his message too late. No wonder he has decided to join politics. Chk this out:

Anyway, coming to the main story, I wanna tell you about the dream I had last night. Don’t throw stones at me after reading this, but it was just too funny when all this happened. To be frank, when I was having the dream, I was laughing my ass off and when I woke up I couldn’t control my laughter either. Well, during the day time I had seen the news of bomb blasts in all the news channels and in one channel I saw our Captain giving a speech before a huge crowd about his electoral plans. Probably it was the mix of these two that gave rise to my dream. Just get drunk or high and read this to enjoy it even more. The dream:

I am watching Captain’s latest movie which, as it unfolds, shifts from the theater screen to my own living room. Captain is a big shot in the military intelligence and uses unconventional techniques in his daily duties. In his personal office, we see his assistant who works on the computer like how a Linux geek does. I am supposed to understand that this is Captain’s gadget guy, just like James Bond has one. Except for the fact that the gadget guy is supposed to be this dude who comes as a rowdy in many movies and has appeared even in many of Captain’s movies:

Ok, so he has 6 spy crows in his office and he takes attendance of all the crows everyday. The 6 crows are perched on two rods one behind another and they are in formation of 2 rows of three. The crows in fact look rapt in attention during the attendance. The attendance is so funny.

Gadget guy: Rakesh (the crows have names)

Crow 1: CAW!!

Gadget guy: Ramesh

Crow 2: CAW

And so on…

This was the part I was predominantly laughing about the whole time.

Of course, now coming to the plot; the movie moves so fast that the movie has come to its halfway mark where the plot takes a U-turn. The ultimate terrorist that our Captain has been searching for is revealed after the morning attendance of the crows. However, this time only Rakesh, Ramesh and 3 others are there. Captain finds out that his gadget guy is the Pakistani terrorist and he is simultaneously puzzled as to how that is logically possible. But our Gadget guy laughs in the usual villain like manner and tells our Captain that the 6th crow was not absent during the attendance because it flew to Pakistan and took the bomb across the border to Chennai (apparently Chennai is on the border with Pakistan). And the bomb is none other than a big gas cylinder, which again confuses the Captain. (This was probably because gas cylinders are on a shortage that they couldn’t even find one to set a bomb with, so the bird had to fly to Pakistan). The bomb is in Captain’s house ready to blow up anytime. So what if there is a bomb in his house? Captain is in his office.

And of course, it is now revealed for the sake of logical consistency that our Captain’s office is inside his house (whatever happened to the military area). Captain has a pet monkey at home to detect such bombs. But the monkey is shown to be sleeping as the crow which set the time bomb gave the monkey sleeping pills to rest.

And the dream is over.


JD said...

Too funny!

Ashish said...

Dei! At first I thought you really wanted to read my blog and you put comment there and all... aduku apparam paartha, it was a plug for your own :P

Anyhow, good crack... was laughing out loud when I saw the photo of gadget guy and read about the spy crow attendance...

Of course what made me laugh the most was:

"Don’t throw stones at me after reading this"

Nee urupuda maatae da...

Sappoux said...

nice one da!

lol @ 'Please don't throw stones!'

the-motorcycle-diary said...

ROTFL. of all things you get captain in your dreams? YUCK. But the poster is hilarious man, good jaab morphing his face. :)

B Shyam Sundar said...

nice da !!