Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Caught in the act

This is a very random incident which I had earlier wanted to put on blog.

This happened in Trichy. I was going to my cousin's house and I had just got down from the bus. It was around 10pm and the whole place was totally dark and dead silent. I had to walk 1km on the main road to take the first turn to enter the residential area, which was further 1km inside from the main road. I was sort of sure that I was walking on the right path but couldnt find any living soul to confirm it.

Then, out of nowhere two bikers appeared and stopped in front of a T junction. I was walking toward the T junction which was still around 50m from me. These guys got down from their bikes to take a leak. And now started the fun.

Exactly then, a tourist van filled with people appeared. The driver seemed lost as the van slowed down when it was approaching us. The van driver didnt spot me so he stopped his van in front of the bikers, with headlights all blazing on them. It took these bikers taking a leak by total surprise that these guys were embarassed but couldnt help it as they were not finished. One of the bikers shouted in tamil "Macha, we have been caught!"

Me, and the whole van roared in laughter. LOLMAO!

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