Monday, April 11, 2011


Its important to be able to sell our ideas for finding acceptance, whether in business or in daily life. Nothing works in an absolute way ever… everything is compared, assessed and accepted, as I am rediscovering in life.

I was sort of good at doing this, at one point in life. In 4th year collg, my prof had asked me to “jugaad” a bunch of 15 people for a weekend (the next day) at Indian Bank office in mylapore, Chennai, for some vague officers interaction with IITians for better expectations in personal banking. Now having boring discussion with PSU banking people is the last thing on our junta’s minds. So, with 1 day to go, I had to come up with something our guys wouldn’t really want to refuse.

Now, usually officer’s meetings had good lunches, and by “good” I don’t mean 5-star class but good by undergrad standards. Also they had offered us reimbursement for travel to-fro. Another good thing which worked to my advantage was that it was a day when everyone would be getting together for an official morning group class photoshoot. So here was the email I shot to our group:

Here's your chance

Do you wanna have a grand lunch tomorrow absolutely free ?
And that too free travel to the place where this grand lunch is being organized ?

And there is absolutely no catch.

Indian bank is having its manager's training program tomorrow at a place in mylapore. They want to invite some IITians to answer some of their questions regarding expectations from a bank w.r.t. job and things related to this from final and pre final year students. Dont worry guys, you dont need any kind of preparation for this. Just go there and answer their questions.

There is no restriction on the number of people they want to invite. Travel to the place and back will be reimbursed at the venue, so you can go by call taxi. You ll have top be there by 12, so be ready by 11. And the thing ends at 2.

Anyone interested can contact me.
6 seats taken already.


Ahem… and the rest was history (read as: me in, me too, how many seats remaining? ,I will be coming 10 min late so wait for me… etc). Some 13 people turned up finally. Once there, I was only afraid that if the lunch was not good, I might get ass kicked, but fortunately food was hot and ordinary and everyone was hungry by the time we ate. And there was a 50ml ice cream cup too :)


Divya said...

Gud one! Looks like the proff asked the right person for quote my boss, free lunch(read beer) is certainly the best perk to pull people.

Angel said...

thats sooooo You !!!